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About Us

Inspire Health & Wellness is a place where you can learn healthy eating habits, emotional eating, bio-individuality, meal prepping, Grab and Go meals to cook at home. We here at Inspire live to teach you about healthy living, one step at a time. It’s about the little changes, it’s about progress, inspiring others in the healthiest lifestyle for you.

We make FRESH Grab and cook at home meals, some frozen or non-frozen. Meals are prepared fresh in our Kitchen, they include at least 1.5 POUNDS of meat AND over a POUND of veggies with all your seasoning/spices with instructions.

Meet Our Team

Meet our team. We strive to give you the best opportunity to reach your Goals!

Tina Diet Coach

  • Certified Diet & Wellness Coach
  • 7 Years of Inspiring and coaching others
  • Certified with ProtiDiet
  • Certified College degree in LIFE coaching
  • I can help tailor a healthy eating plan for you
  • State Certified Kitchen

Hello my name is Tina

My passion to INSPIRE health and wellness in EVERYONE is very important to me. I’m a certified Diet & Wellness coach, inspiring people for 45yrs as a coach. After losing 107lbs and keeping it off for 7 years my passion is to teach people healthy living at an affordable cost. I am certified under ProtiDiet and with my experience I’m able to tailor a healthy eating plan for you.



I love to teach healthy living with meal planning, food combinations, and exercise. I'm dedicated to working with you through struggles of emotional eating and everyday living in a judgment free zone.

A whole new lifestyle

I love to challenge myself and run in races. I run for the challenge not just to win. I have challenged myself in Tough Mudders, Ragnars, and other fundraising runs around the area. I encourage moving and compassion for life situations

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Special Services

This is what makes us stand out compared to the rest!

one on one consultations

We can meet in private at our Mankato office just off Madison Ave. We strive to be the very support you need to succeed.

Anytime/Anywhere Support

We can help you out when you need it. Have that late night craving you can't stop thinking about? We will be there for you!

Positive Reinforcement

We understand that sometimes the cravings will win. We won't lecture you. We will help you get back on track and on your way to your Goal!

Meal Prep Courses

Just not sure how to begin. Join our Meal Prep Courses to get great ideas on new recipes and how to prepare for the unexpected.

Questions or Concerns?

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